Winchester/Clark County FOP 34

A little about our lodge...


The present Lodge's name is Winchester/Clark County FOP Lodge #34, Inc.  It was established on April 13, 1976.  There were 23 members who signed the open charter.  The first Executive Board of our Lodge consisted of:

President- Glen Spivey

Vice-President- Harold Embs

Secretary- Edward Wilson

Treasurer- Edward Wilson

Conductor- Bob Jones

Guard- Roy Wasson

State Trustee- George Mayberry

Chaplain- Larry Lawson

Presently Lodge #34 has 98 members, is located 1/2 mile outside of Winchester on Old Muddy Creek Road.  The Lodge is 3000 square feet on top of a hillside on 10 acres of land with a commanding view of the countryside.  Also on the property is located a 1140 square picnic shelter complete with a bar and brick bar-b-que all of which is enjoyed by the members.  Our current Executive Board members are:

President- Lee Murray

Vice- President- Keith Mullikin

Secretary/Treasurer- Kevin Winebrenner

2nd Vice- President- Tim Mastin

State Trustee- Shane Southwood

Chaplin- Benny McCord

Sgt-at-Arms- Johnny Graves